As a global citizen, we know we have the responsibility to protect our planet and our community.
We take this responsibility very seriously because we believe what we do determines what the future is.
Protecting our planet, respecting our responsibilities, and improving our life is our company’s value and objectives.


Freesport is dedicated to using eco-materials to produce the products, such as:
  1. Bio-based resin
  2. Basalt Fiber
  3. Bamboo
  4. Eco-friendly ink
We apply bio-based materials to reduce the carbon footprint and reduce the impact on the planet.


In the production, Freesport tries the best to minimize the impact of the environment; therefore, we use professional sustainable facilities to avoid waste and pollute from production for the environment and humans. For example:

  1. Dust Collector
  2. Water Recycling and Purification System
  3. VOC Acivated Carbon Adsorber

Social Responsibility

In the meanwhile, Freesport emphasizes Corporate Social Responsibility. We take responsibility for:
  1. Take care of our factories' workers
  2. Donate to charity
  3. Encourage our employees to take public transportation
  4. Waste reduction
We hope that when we take from society, we can contribute to society as well. As a Resident of the Global Community, we make all-out effort to contribute to the earth.