Who we are

Who we are


Who We Are
FREESPORT CORP., premierly FREE CHINA CO. LTD., was founded in 1977. From a simply assembling factory with 30 workers, till now, FREESPORT owns 2 factories and has completed facilities and Lines of Boards/ Skis and Skates/ Ski Liners making finely organized.
Freesport Snowboards, premier Static snowboards which was registered in California USA. In 1998, the turn-key project moved all facilities, technicians and know-how to Freesport factory in Kunshan, China. Due to the strict quality control, efficient management and stable finance, we have been succeeding to attract well-know brand companies such as Salomon, Nordica, Benetton, and DBX to have their products made by Freesport. Besides snowboards, our products have been expanding to skis, kiteboards, wakeboards, bikeboards, longboards, skateboards etc... Now, Freesport (Kunshan) is a professional boards manufacturing factory.
Freesport Skates, the beginning items of Freesport Corp. in Taiwan. In 1992, we moved the production, inline skates, roller skates, figure skates to Dongguan, China and created million pairs volume per year. In 2000, we convinced the HTM to move the HEAD ski liners from Italy to our factory. This did promote our facilities and skills of stitching, also our professional knowledge in materials. Now, Freesport (Dongguan) is a value-added factory which is not only making skates but also is a winter sporting shoes, ski liners and snowboard boots, producer.
Freesport Skis, On the step of developing, OEM base business has been providing FREESPORT a stable position to grow. Our teamwork is successfully set up itself with research & development studying. In 2010, Freesport enters the ski market in China under the brand name of “FREESPORT”. Freesport branded skis are successfully launched into ski resorts in Harbin and Northeast. We also set up Freesport Learning to Ride Programs helping beginners to ski in resorts. For domestic market, Freesport opens ski shops in Beijing, Harbin, and Yabuli. Freesport sponsor and cultivates our own Freesport ski team and ski player. We also sponsor the young skier team at Tsinghua University which is the best university ski team in China. We have a VIP lounge in Beijing inviting distributors and agents for our own ski shows. Freesport branded skis are becoming a well-known, high-end, and higher quality image in China.
For skaters, skiers and boards players, we are not only making fun, but also health and happiness. The needs of the sportsmen are always our major concerns. All the members at Freesport Corp. would like to do our great effort and wish to create more beautiful life for all of our friends, families, and people who are still unfamiliar.

You are always welcome to contact us with your comments or questions regarding our products: info@freesport.com

Boards Manufacturer

FREESPORT CORP. is a professional Sporting Boards Manufacturer, offering good quality Snowboards, ex. Freeride Snowboards, Freestyle Snowboards, Carving Snowboards, Veneer Snowboards, All mountain Snowboards, Longboards and Skateboards in reasonable price. If you are searching for reliable suppler for the all snowboarding equipment and related products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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