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Why Freesport


Why Freesport

Why Freesport
The advantages of Freesport is …

  1. Cost-Effective
    • Good knowledge of cost reduction through the production process.
    • The professional operation that can save clients' several buying trips.
    • Accurate communication with the clients and our factories to avoid mistakes & loss from misunderstanding.
  2. Professional Support
    • We have 42,000 square meters of professional production facilities & testing center.
    • Co-development on innovative products under clients' requirements.
    • Technical & professional support at all stages and solid experience in testing products.
  3. Time-Saving
    • Quick, efficient work & good, professional service.
    • Frequent update on new product/collection information from our factory & other subcontractors.
    • Problem settlement on local matters with local Customs.
  4. Wider Product Range
    • New product development every season, every year.
    • Cooperation with European & Asian designers to provide excellent-design products with competitive prices.
    • Excellent production technology to offer many options for products.
  5. Ensure Product Quality
    • Professional Quality Control system we have established for years.
    • Well-versed on testing standards of Europe, the U.S., and Japan.
    • Reassure the quality of products would certainly reach clients' standards.
  6. Stable Financial Status
    • Our group owns 2 direct control factories across Taiwan & China, we have been operating since 1977.
    • Cooperate with the clients which are famous worldwide brands for years
  7. Sustainable Development
    • We are dedicated to using eco-material to production with eco-process and practicing social responsibility.
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