FREESPORT CORP. was founded in 1977. We are a professional sporting goods manufacturer. The company is based in Taipei, Taiwan, and owns a factory in China. Our major products include snowboards, kiteboards, skateboards, and longboards. Additionally, we have an injection and boot factory capable of producing snowboard bindings, snowboard boots, ski liners, figure skates, ice skates, ice hockey equipment, roller skates, inline skates, and injection parts.

Cruiser Longboard

Immerse yourself in the art of cruising with FREESPORT CORP.'s cruiser longboard – a seamless fusion of style and performance. Engineered to redefine your cruising experience, our complete cruiser long board is meticulously crafted with precision design and quality construction.

At the heart of our cruiser long board lies a design that encapsulates the joy of cruising and carving. With a width of 10" and a length of 31.5", our boards strike the perfect balance between stability and maneuverability, offering riders an ideal platform for carefree gliding. The 7-ply Chinese maple construction forms the backbone of our cruiser longboards, ensuring a sturdy yet flexible deck that caters to the nuances of cruising and carving. The old school shape adds a touch of nostalgia, evoking the classic charm of longboarding. Designed for the cruising connoisseur, our boards feature a concave and kicktail, allowing riders to masterfully navigate the urban landscape with style. Whether you're weaving through city streets or carving along the boardwalk, our complete cruiser longboard is your trusty companion. Equipped with a 6.25" Aluminum Truck featuring 90A PU Cushion Bushings, our cruiser longboard offer a smooth and responsive ride, enhancing your ability to control every twist and turn. The 56mm 80a PU wheels provide optimal grip and ride comfort, ensuring a delightful cruising experience on various terrains. Our commitment to quality extends to the Chrome Steel bearings with Rubber Shields, ensuring durability and low maintenance for long-lasting performance. The 80S Black Grip Tape, adorned with our brand logo, not only adds a stylish touch but also provides the necessary traction for confident rides.
31.5" Cruiser Skateboard Complete

Street Artist (CR110)

31.5" Cruiser Skateboard Complete

- Width: 10"
- Length: 31.5"
- Cruising / Carving
- 7-ply Chinese maple construction
- Old school shape
- Concave & Kicktail
- 6.25" Aluminum Truck w/90A PU Cushion Bushings
- 56mm 80a PU wheels
- Chrome Steel with Rubber Shields
- 80S Black Grip Tape w/ Brand Logo
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FREESPORT CORP.'s cruiser long board is more than just a deck on wheels; it's a statement of style, a testament to quality, and an invitation to embrace the freedom of cruising. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting your longboarding journey, our cruiser longboards are designed to cater to your cruising desires with unmatched flair. So, dive into the world of cruising with FREESPORT CORP.'s cruiser longboard – where precision meets style, and every ride is a celebration of the pure joy that comes with cruising on a complete cruiser longboard.