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Freesport FSX Women

Freesport FSX Women

Rental Snowboards

Freesport FSX has a medium flex and flat camber with convex base for super easy turning, maneuver, and control. Designed for rental shops and beginning riders, rental comes with the sandwich construction all our boards are famous for allowing the board to flex more freely under the binding platforms.

  • Sandwich construction
  • Textured Top
  • Full wood core
  • fiberglass reinforcement
  • ABS sidewall
  • 360 Degree Steel Edges
  • Extruded Base
  • 20pcs inserts

Flat Camber with Convex Base

A board with Flat Camber and a convex base lays flush on a level surface and distributes pressure on snow in a neurtal fashion.This creates a less aggressive, catch-free ride, and can be simplify stopping and truing.

Size(cm) Length(mm) Length(mm)-Tip Length(mm)-Tail Width(mm)-Tip Width(mm)-Tail Width Waist(mm) Sidecut Radius(M)
144 1440 190 180 277 274 235 7.1
149 1490 200 180 281 276 237 7.4
155 1550 200 180 292 287 244 7.5