FREESPORT CORP. was founded in 1977. We are a professional sporting goods manufacturer. The company is based in Taipei, Taiwan, and owns a factory in China. Our major products include snowboards, kiteboards, skateboards, and longboards. Additionally, we have an injection and boot factory capable of producing snowboard bindings, snowboard boots, ski liners, figure skates, ice skates, ice hockey equipment, roller skates, inline skates, and injection parts.

Best Freestyle Snowboards

At FREESPORT CORP., we strive to bring you the best freestyle snowboards for the best price. We work hard to achieve quality at affordable prices for our customers by optimizing our entire value chain, by building long-term supplier relationships, investing in highly automated production and producing large volumes. In these 44 years, we have served generations of satisfied customers with our quality and values. If you are looking for freestyle snowboard, monster snowboard, you are in the right place. At FREESPORT CORP., you will find the best freestyle snowboards that you can think of, with something for all kind of business.
Freesport Monster

Freesport Monster Snowboard

Freestyle Snowboards

  • Sandwich construction
  • Full wood core
  • fiberglass reinforcement
  • ABS sidewall
  • 360 Degree Steel Edges
  • 20pcs inserts
Features :

  • Park
  • Freestyle
  • Twin-tip
  • Rocker
  • Graphic design in Europe
Poplar core Biaxial fiberglass ABS Sidewall Steel edge


Rocker snowboards offer superior float in the soft snow and increase ease of turn initiation with less chance of "catching" an edge.

Specification :

Size(cm) Length(mm) Length(mm) Tip/Tail length Width(mm) Tip/Tail Tail Width(mm) Waist Tip Sidecut Radius(M)
142 1420 195 279.5 241.5 7.0
147 1470 195 285.5 243.9 7.0
154 1540 200 292 249 7.6
158 1580 205 297 254 8.0
164 1640 210 303 259 8.5
157W 1575 205 304 258 8.1
159W 1595 205 306.5 260 8.2
163W 1635 210 309 262 8.0

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FREESPORT CORP. is a sporting boards company focused on the development and manufacture of freestyle snowboard. With a competitive approach, our workforce strives to meet the expectations of our clients and offer them the desired end results. Our strict inspections and testing have ensured that all our freestyle snowboard, monster snowboard achieve a high level of performance even in harsh conditions. Our team is the innate strength of our organization. If you want to purchase any of our products in retail quantities, please contact one of our seller.